Arthur Dufoor

Brussels based artist Arthur Dufoor has been honing his skills in classical oil painting for the past 10 years. Central to this approach comes the fluidity and aggressiveness of intensely coloured shapes and patterns, the love for the Old Masters always shines through. Having obtained a master’s degree in 2020 from the Luca School of Arts in Ghent, Dufoor has since exposed his work in numerous spaces, including: the ‘Witte Rook’ (Breda), the ‘Kunsthal’ (Ghent) and ‘LaVallée’ (Brussels). Arthur Dufoor’s work departs from a radical intuitive and therapeutical approach, communicating raw emotions and expressive sensibility through large scale oil paintings. Functioning as a large scale diary, Dufoor’s work often integrates various notes and quotes from his daily life. In doing so, the tension between personal vulnerability and the ruthlessness of the abstract language becomes apparent.


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